Monday, October 12, 2015

Black Diamond Sells POC To Investcorp For $65 Million

Black Diamond Completes Sale of POC to Investcorp for $65 Million


Black Diamond is selling off POC to Investcorp, which owns the outdoor technical gear companies Helly Hansen, Dainese, and AGV. Black Diamond had bought POC back in June of 2012 and now wants to concentrate on their Black Diamond Equipment and PIEPS brands. The Swedish based POC gravity sport protection company is at the forefront of safety in regard to multiple sports (snow, bike, skateboard) protection, and their helmets are the epitome of their substantial engineering and research prowess.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interbike 2015 - Nutrition from GU, Honey Stinger, Glukos and Isoride

GU Energy Sticks

GU Energy Sticks

After many years, research and development GU is announcing their first energy bar. The new GU Energy Stick is a whole-food bar with 200 calories and is made with natural ingredients and is comprised of 70% organic, gluten-free nutrition for bike rides and other outdoor endeavors. It uses roasted organic quinoa as the basis of the first two flavors, because quinoa has complex carbohydrates and contains all eight essential amino acids, making for a quality source of both energy and complete protein. The sticks also contain healthy fats from almonds, peanuts, and cocoa, and are a healthy, varied and clean source of complete nutrition. They'll be available in early 2016 for $2.50 per stick, or $30 for a pack of 12.

  • Crispy Honey Peanut GU Energy Sticks are made simply from organic dates, organic peanuts,
    honey, organic quinoa and sea salt.
  • Crispy Chocolate Almond GU Energy Sticks are made from organic dates, almonds, organic semi-sweet dark chocolate, organic cocoa, organic quinoa, honey and sea salt.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Interbike 2015 - Reynolds Carbon Wheels and American Classic Smokin' Gun Wheels

Reynolds 27.5 Plus, Enduro and Trail Carbon Wheelsets

Reynolds 27.5 Plus, Enduro and Trail Carbon Wheelsets

Reynolds was showing off three new carbon wheelset models, a 27.5 Plus, and an Enduro and Trail lineup. All the wheelsets utilize hookless bead carbon rims, and they'll be using the excellent Industry Nine straight pull hubs that are laced with 28 Sapim CX-Ray spokes in a 3x pattern. The Enduro and Trail use an asymmetric design for the rim, and in the rear the spokes are the same length on the drive and non-drive side. Because of its width the 27.5 Plus will stay with a more normal symmetrical design for the rim.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Interbike 2015 - Light and Motion Urban 850 and Urban 800 Barfly Combo Kits

Urban 650 light with GoPro mount on helmet

Light and Motion manufacturers their bike lights in the United States at their Marina California factory, producing some highly engineered, well made and affordable lights. For the coming season, they're offering the powerful new Urban 850 Trail light and two Urban 800 BarFly Combo Kits, which includes the light, a Bar Fly SLi and GoPro mount.

Urban Bike Lights

Their Urban series of lights is fully waterproof and meets the IP67 rating, which will make ideal when riding in inclement weather, whether that's in rain or snow storms. The lights use the best CREE LED and software, have a compact and ultralight design, utilize custom reflectors and beam patterns for optimized lighting, and have Amber side lighting for better visibility. They have recently developed a GoPro style mount for its headlamps, so it can be attached to helmets that have that mount type and with many handlebar mount systems, including those from K-Edge and BarFly.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Interbike 2015 - e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette, LG1r Carbon Chain Guide and LG1r/TRSr Carbon Cranks

TRS+ Cassette

The Hive's e*thirteen group is coming out with the highly innovative TRS+ cassette that is an 11-speed 9-44T extended range cluster. They also have an upgraded LG1r Carbon Chainguide and the trick LG1r and TRSr carbon cranks.

TRS+ Cassette

Although the 1x11 drivetrain system works incredibly well and is simple and light, it still doesn't have the gear range of any 2x or 3x system. E-thirteen has resolved this to a degree by offering an 11-speed 9-44T cassette that has a monstrous gear spread that's close to most 2x systems. This multi-piece system fits on the SRAM XD driver body and weighs a respectable 320 grams.

The new TRS+ cassette is an ER (extended range) system that offers a tiny 9-tooth inner cog on the high end and ramps up to a huge 44-tooth (11-speed) or 42-tooth (10-speed) on the low end. The system utilizes a one-piece aluminum cluster for the upper three cogs (two on the 9sp) and heat-treated steel on the lower eight cogs and is only available for the SRAM XD driver body. The steel cluster is the same between both the 10 and 11-speed cassettes though the back cluster changes. All alloy materials wear faster than steel, so the multi-piece design allows them to sell the aluminum cluster separately when needing replacement. Also, since the eight-cog steel cluster is the same for both the 10 and 11-speed, you can easily upgrade in the future by adding the appropriate aluminum section.

I am looking forward to trying the TRS+ cassette 11-speed 9-44T cassette out on my drivetrain. Most of us are running a 30 or 32T front, and the 44T rear is sort of nice for steep and slow climbs on a 29er. "For the use of us mortals" Also, the small 9-tooth in the rear will keep me from spinning out as earlier on flatter terrain and some downhills.