Sunday, August 31, 2014

Schwalbe Procore Dual Chamber Tire System

Schwalbe has partnered with the component company Syntace to produce and design the Procore Dual-Chambered mountain bike tire system. This system consists of an outer main chamber that utilizes lower pressure (14+ psi) combined with an inner one that’s closer to the rim seat, which would use much higher pressure (55-85 psi). Offering better traction and control, a wider footprint, with no burping, pinch flatting and rim impacts.

Schwalbe Procore Press Release - Ride Progressive

The Procore dual-chamber system makes it is possible to ride a mountain bike at extremely low air pressures thus improving tire performance enormously. Because of the additional high-pressure chamber inside, there is no more danger of Snake-Bites. Previously, it was hardly possible to ride with less than 1.5 bar (20 psi) due to the Snake-Bite risk.

The name Procore is short for progressive core. The “core” is filled with high pressure and progressively cushions even very had shocks. The system is a joint development of Schwalbe and Syntace.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Northwave Announces New All Mountain Bike Shoes With Michelin Soles

Northwave Dolomites Evo

The Italian cycling shoe manufacturer Northwave has partnered with JV International (a consortium of Michelin tires and the Jihua Group apparel company) to create an innovative and technical sole for three of their new mountain biking shoes.

The Northwave Dolomites Evo is a medium height All Mountain shoe that utilizes Michelin's Rock'r sole and features wide tread blocks with multiple rubber densities for traction and durability. The Spider Plus 2 and Spider 2 use Michelin's X-Crossbow sole which has better flexibility and cushioning for improved walking purposes. The Spider Plus 2 uses their one-button SLW 2 closure system, while the Spider 2 and Dolomites Evo uses their Speed Lace system. The shoes will be available in late 2014 or early 2015, and the Spider 2 will retail for 130 euros, the Spider Plus 2 for 170 euros and the Dolomites for 200 euros (no US prices as yet).

Grams Thoughts =>

These shoes look pretty cool, and I especially like the high-topped Dolomites Evo. Hopefully, the soles are as grippy as a good set of Michelin tires. It's tough to tell from the pictures how stiff the shank will be for good pedaling performance though I am certain they'll hike-a-bike just fine. I am looking forward to seeing how they feel in person at the Interbike show.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bell Announces the Super 2R helmet

Removable, Protective Chin Bar Provides Groundbreaking Performance and Adaptability to Inspire Confidence Across Varying Speeds and Diverse Terrain

Bell Helmets made two major announcements; they unveiled their new Super 2R helmet with a removable chin system and they're using the MIPS and ICEdot technologies on certain helmet models. The Super 2R is an All Mountain helmet that has a removable and protective chin bar that can be easily attached and detached during the course of a ride.

“With the Super 2R, we wanted to introduce a helmet that could address the various situations that a serious all-mountain rider might encounter,” says Azul Couzens, Director of Marketing, Bell Helmets. “For avid mountain bikers, escalated downhill speeds call for enhanced protection in a full-face helmet. Until now, there was a choice between wearing an open-face or full-face helmet, or carry both to swap back and forth. We felt it was time for one helmet that effectively achieves all of that. The Super 2R is a single helmet that offers adaptable protection and comfort to address the riders’ headgear needs.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pyle Announces the PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer

Smart Bicycling Computer with GPS Performance & Navigation Analysis Software and ANT+ Technology for Biking, Training, Exercise, Fitness

Train smarter with the Pyle PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer. System includes 'GPS Sports Center' computer software that allows you to review your performance records for analysis. The software includes built-in GPS navigation recognition and recalls data from your bicycling session. The Smart Bicycling Computer saves the data so you can then upload it to your PC. You'll be able to view detailed information that maps your routes traveled and shows graphs and charts of your performance. Track your bike route, or create a new one, measure personal statistics like distance, speed and pace, track altitude with built-in barometer, you can even wirelessly connect additional devices like heart rate, RPM and time sensors thanks to ANT+ Technology support! Additional features include built-in memory for saving up to 80 hours of performance, ghost function that allows you to challenge your previous records and included bicycle handle-bar mount. Unlock more possibilities, improve your performance and achieve a new level of motivation with the Pyle PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer.

Grams Thoughts => This looks like a simple and moderately inexpensive ($129.99) GPS bike computer. With ANT+ capabilities and the inclusion of Google maps, makes for an interesting package.  

Just In - Magura MT5 Four Piston Brakes

Magura revamped their MT brakes this year, and they increased power throughout the lineup, and added two new four piston systems (MT5 and MT7). I originally tested the top of the line MT7 at the Magura Press Camp in Sedona back in May, and I was thoroughly impressed with the brakes, so I was looking forward to trying them out on my personal bike and local terrain. Magura sent along a set of the MT5's for a test, and at only $200 and weighing 380 grams (including rotors), they are a reasonable and worthwhile set of brakes.

MT NEXT Brakes

The MT NEXT series of brakes consist of the two piston MT2, MT4, MT6 and MT8, and the four piston MT5 and MT7. The gravity oriented four piston brakes utilizes technology and design that came from their development of their motorcycle brakes. They increased the mechanical leverage ratio progressively for increased deceleration power from the base MT2 model to the top of the line four piston MT7.