Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sea Otter 2014 - Eligo Spile

Eligo Spile

The Eligo Spile is a "smart hydration" system, which uses their dual fluid selector bite valve with it's piggy-backed electrolyte cartridge injector. The system allows you to choose either water or a water and electrolyte mixture from the same bite valve. The Spile consists of a hose with a hydration reservoir compatible quick connector at one end, and their dual bite valve and cartridge on the other. It fits the newer Hydrapak and Camelbak systems, so your not constrained for either brand. The co-founders, Shane Rogers and Brian Holm, hammered out the design over the last couple of years, and it's an interesting and innovative product.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sea Otter 2014 - New and Cool MTB Saddles

I spent some time wandering around Sea Otter looking for new and cool mountain bike saddle offerings from the exhibitors, and found some great candidates from SQlab, WTB, F’izi:k and Ergon.


The upgraded 611 Active MTB gets a dash of abrasion-resistant Kevlar fabric on the nose and around the outside of the rear for added protection and durability. They increased the length of the nose for better control and power management, while the rear gets a squarer shape for more room, comfort and derriere footprint.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sea Otter 2014 - Manitou's New McLeod Shock

Hayes had a Milwaukee style Beer and Brat fest at Sea Otter where they introduced the Manitou McLeod shock to the media. The Hayes marketing rep Scott Struve and lead suspension engineer Ed Kwaterski gave a great informal technical overview of the McLeod.

American Classic MTB Race Tubeless Wheelset Review

American Classic first showed the MTB Race wheelset at Interbike 2012 show, and it borrowed technology from their All Mountain brethren, but were designed specifically around a lighter usage paradigm. I have been using the MTB Race on my Ibis Ripely 29er, and I have been very happy with their performance, light weight and flickability. They're designed for general mountain biking and cross country use, and work very efficiently in that realm, offering great rollability and reliability.

The MTB Race 27.5 and 29 Tubeless wheelset retails for $999, and utilizes their Disc 130 front and Disc 225 rear hubs, Race Round 14/16 gauge stainless steel spokes in a 3-cross pattern and their innovative aluminum alloy nipples. The 32-hole aluminum rims have a 28mm external width and a 24mm internal and are 22mm deep, and they're tubeless-compatible using their bead barb technology, which has a very shallow bead hook. In comparison to their All Mountain rims, they're cut shallower and are made with a thinner extrusion. They come with their tubeless tape installed and removable core valves, along with a ring adapter to reinforce a brake rotor. They can be ordered with a variety of axle types, including a front 15mm or 9mm, and a rear 135x10mm and 142x12mm. The 27.5 wheel weighs 1435 grams, while the 29er comes in at 1459 grams.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easton Cycling Launches Haven 35 Handlebar and Stem

Easton Cycling Launches Haven 35 Handlebar and Stem
Materials experts release stronger and lighter 35mm handlebar and stem focused on trail riding

Scotts Valley, Calif., April 10, 2014- Easton Cycling, the industry leader in materials development and engineering, has released the Haven 35 range of handlebars and stems, setting a new standard for trail riding. The 750mm wide Haven 35 handlebar is available immediately in both carbon and aluminum versions in 20mm low- and 40mm high-rise versions, while the Haven 35 stem comes in lengths from 90mm to an ultra-short 40mm. Pricing is MSRP $160 for the carbon bar, MSRP $90 for aluminum, and MSRP $100 for the stem.