Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just In - Ashima Flo-Tor and AiNeon Rotors

I first saw the Ashima Flo-ToR rotor at the 2012 Interbike show when I met up with their main man Wayne Moore, and its an actual floating design with around .3mm of float. It uses a surfaced stainless steel outer ring attached to a colored aluminum spider, and they're connected together with an innovative outer aluminum nut with an inner steel bolt to maximize heat transfer. It is meant as an All Mountain rotor, and will come in 160mm, 180mm and 203mm sizes. I recently got a set of black 180s in for testing, and they measured at a respectable 132 grams, which isn't bad for a beefy fuller surfaced All Mountain rotor. I am really looking forward to tossing these on my Shimano SLX system and see how they work.

Impressions => I stuck the Flo-Tor on my Ibis Mojo HD using the Shimano SLX brakes. After a short break-in period of getting the rotors and brake pads synced in with each other, I have been pretty happy with the results. Not a single bit of fade nor heat issues, even on long descents, and they have better modulation. I could feather the brakes much more than when using the default SLX rotors, which made for nice technical maneuvering. They weren't as grabby and were fairly quiet, and when they got wet, they dried out quickly, with only a hint of a squeal. I am looking forward to some more quality time on these excellent rotors.

The AiNeon is a two-piece brake rotor that is comprised of a high grade SUS410 stainless steel outer ring attached to a colored Aero grade 7075-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy spider. Wayne switched his design to use an aluminum connector, instead of steel, for better heat transfer between the different materials. The use of the aluminum carrier and their lightweight rotor design, keeps the weight at a light 90 grams for a 180mm size (measured), making it one of the lightest two-piece rotors on the market. According to Wayne, the power should be comparable to their AiRotor, with improved heat management due to the higher conduction rates of the aluminum spider, which he measured at approximately 100 degrees. The outer ring looks exactly like their new Ai2 rotor, with the same cutouts and wavy braking surface. In another weight saving design, one version uses just three rotor bolts, which is a practice done by many weight weenies, and many pro riders. The AiNeon will only be available in 160mm and 180mm sizes, with Red, Blue, Black and Gold aluminum spiders. I might try these lighter rotors out on my 29er Ibis Ripley?
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